The main objective of such an airport security job is to ensure security within the airport and in the air through ever more comprehensive systems and procedures for screening passengers and their baggage.

Thus we find a security agent responsible for part of the security of the airport thanks to scanners that scan every nook and cranny of suitcases and other travel bags. In the same vein, the airport security agent will proceed to the outright processing of passengers.

To fulfill its missions, it must combine rigor and flexibility in order to leave nothing to chance in its controls and succeed in managing a considerable mass of passengers.

More specifically, we can say that the airport security officer is required to inspect any person in transit through the airport, including staff members, as well as their hold and cabin baggage. For this in addition to ultra-sophisticated scanners, it is charged with the tasks of excavation, palpation and documentary verification.

Our missions

MCTS specialist in airport security, offers its services to airport managers in order to guarantee safety and security.

  • Access control (crew and public)
  • Documentary control
  • Baggage control
  • Dog safety
  • Freight control and security
  • SSIAP human surveillance
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