Control fire risks

The fire risk is framed by various codes, standards and references which impose on establishments according to their classifications general, specific and particular provisions.

For example, we find the Construction and Housing Code, the Labor Code but also APSAD standards which determine the elements necessary for controlling the fire risk such as the human and material resources that the company must possess. institution to deal with the identified risks.

The fire department is responsible for fire prevention in a listed establishment requiring the intervention of external emergency services with suitable means.

The buildings concerned are establishments open to the public (ERP) and high-rise buildings (IGH) as well as industrial sites.

The decree of May 2, 2005 replaced the ERP and IGH agents in SSIAP 1, 2 and 3 (Fire safety and personal assistance service).

Its main missions consist of carrying out technical and preventive rounds, ensuring compliance with regulations as well as the proper functioning and maintenance of equipment and emergency resources, identifying the malfunctions identified, participating in health and fire fighting interventions.


Our teams are formed according to the needs of

Our misssions

MCTS supports you in ensuring the fire safety of your infrastructure and protecting your property against the risk of fire.

Establishment of a team whose main missions will be

  • Surveillance and security rounds
  • Technical and preventive rounds: control of installations and verification of fire equipment
  • Intervene in the event of an alarm being triggered or detection of an outbreak of fire
  • Alert, evacuate and support public emergency services
  • Health intervention: management of first aid
  • Fire permit issuance


Replacement capacity in 30 min. Management on the ground.

24/7 permanence Management of emergency situations (Demonstration ex: Yellow Vests, Strike, Vigipirate reinforcement, Covid19 …)

Safety and fire safety regulatory watch

Security audit and advice

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